About Automotive Plus

The team at Automotive Plus

Automotive Plus officially opened its doors in May 2011 on the north side of Brisbane.

Originally established in 2009 as MX-5 Plus Service, the decision to offer services to Mazda's other sports car, the rotary powered Mazda RX-8 meant a name change was required that would cover both Mazda models and thus the Automotive Plus brand was born. Automotive Plus has continued to expand its product range and now offers parts and services for all other Mazda and non Mazda vehicles.

Through our parent company Australian Diversified Engineering, we are able to design and manufacture a range of custom high quality products. Product developments go beyond the Mazda MX-5 and RX-8, we have developed specialised parts to suit older Mazda cars and a wide range of other makes and models.

The workshop at Automotive Plus